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Dynamics CRM Developer with more than 5 years of experience in both 4.0 and 2011. Specialized in customization and development in plugins, custom workflows and xrm javascript. Also have more than 10 years of development. Currently engaged in projects using 4.0 with LINQ and Identity framework (WIF)

Linq to CRM early bound queries

I first discovered linq to crm and early bound classes way back in 2011. The sky (well the office ceiling) literally dawned on me when i discovered it. Along the way, i’ve learned its merits, pitfalls, nuances. Until this day, … Continue reading

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Web API 2 datetime object

Yes… datetime field type is complex. It’s one of the most notorious data type. It’s a developer’s hate-hate relationship (ie. there’s no love any time.. ever..) from crm timezone dependent date time field to integration. Today i face with this … Continue reading

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CRM 2015 BPF back button

why you’re interested in that button you ask… well when the record is deactivated, the navigation buttons are still there, and they’ll spin and spin and do nothing. clients hate that, we have to fix that, and on to our next … Continue reading

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crm 2015 subgrid event

if you’re one of the unfortunate soul (on premise, and scms) who’s stuck on CRM 2015 update 0.2 and is screaming for the goodies offered online with their latest update 1.0, then subgrid event is probably one of the most sought after … Continue reading

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bpf field onchange

Let’s start by saying that this is not supported in crm. field on change is usually defined in the form designer. Since bpf designer doesn’t offer ways to change property of its fields, the only way is to add change … Continue reading

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modifiedby and on

does your workflow carry this undesired effect of updating the modified by/on attributes? Most of the posts i have found deal with it by creating a custom modified on/by attributes and have a preupdate plugin to populate that field. That … Continue reading

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Dynamics UR6

Microsoft must be hard at work. After the much liked update UR5, UR6 containing multiple fixes have just been released.

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