crm 2015 subgrid event

if you’re one of the unfortunate soul (on premise, and scms) who’s stuck on CRM 2015 update 0.2 and is screaming for the goodies offered online with their latest update 1.0, then subgrid event is probably one of the most sought after functionality.

Our Scenario today:

Trigger form rollup on crud change of grid. One of the most common requirement, but yet, no supported way of doing it. But here’s the unsupported way. It works on crm 2015 update 0.2.

First, get the crm mvvc grid view control. They call it the gridcontrollite. Whatever that means.

var grid = document.getElementById(“VerificationList”).control;

add refresh event handler:

grid.add_onRefresh(function () {alert(“asdf”)});

Another goodies out of this tip is that, the grid is refreshed by other page level async events as well, such as active/inactive. So if you want to tap into that kind of events (for us, we’re trying to disable back/forward button of bpf on deactivation), you can use that too.


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Dynamics CRM Developer with more than 5 years of experience in both 4.0 and 2011. Specialized in customization and development in plugins, custom workflows and xrm javascript. Also have more than 10 years of development. Currently engaged in projects using 4.0 with LINQ and Identity framework (WIF)
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