CRM 2015 BPF back button

why you’re interested in that button you ask… well when the record is deactivated, the navigation buttons are still there, and they’ll spin and spin and do nothing. clients hate that, we have to fix that, and on to our next unsupported code to show the user what not to do since we can’t completely hide it.

var stageBackActionContainer = $(“div#stageBackActionContainer”);
if (stageBackActionContainer != null) {
function () { alert(“user: if you read your instruction manual, you’ll know that this is not a valid action.”); }

This hack is upping the ugliness level, because it’s unbinding the ootb click (which fails anyway) and bind our own to it. It’s not as pretty as just piggypacking on whatever was there, for example adding your own event handler to whatever’s already there.


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Dynamics CRM Developer with more than 5 years of experience in both 4.0 and 2011. Specialized in customization and development in plugins, custom workflows and xrm javascript. Also have more than 10 years of development. Currently engaged in projects using 4.0 with LINQ and Identity framework (WIF)
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