bpf field onchange

Let’s start by saying that this is not supported in crm.

field on change is usually defined in the form designer. Since bpf designer doesn’t offer ways to change property of its fields, the only way is to add change through the dom.

In the case of optionset control, it’s made up of label and select control (show label in display node, show select control and hide label in edit mode).

To start, we get the control, which is part of xrm:

var ctrl = xrm.page.getControl(“name”)

Then, we go get the view:
var v=  ctrl.get_editView()

In the case of optionset control, the edit element is a select control:

var select = v.get_editElement()

change handler is inserted via jquery:

select.change(function() {alert(“select changed”);});


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Dynamics CRM Developer with more than 5 years of experience in both 4.0 and 2011. Specialized in customization and development in plugins, custom workflows and xrm javascript. Also have more than 10 years of asp.net development. Currently engaged in projects using asp.net/C# 4.0 with LINQ and Identity framework (WIF)
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